Apr 22

Couples Cooking Classes

Cooking classes for couples has become a popular trend these days and for very good reason. It’s a great way for couples to bond doing something together that can be shared as frequently as every day, if they wish. And, in an era where cooking ‘real’ food has fallen to the wayside in favor of rubbish fast foods, this is an ideal way to master how to cook quick, easy, healthy meals and sit down together to enjoy them.

Most people don’t cook simply because they don’t know how. They’ve never learned. The thought of concocting a dish with more than three ingredients seems more like an uncertain science experiment than an exciting creative experience. They’re missing out!

Just a couple of lessons can really get a couple started cooking and sharing the kitchen together in an enjoyable fashion. And practicing together is not only fun but inspires creativity. After all, the beauty of cooking is that, unlike baking, it does not require precise measurement for the most part, and dishes can be adjusted to suit your tastes.

Another reason couples don’t cook is that they’re convinced that cooking takes too much time. That’s a fallacy, as it turns out! As long as you’re not undertaking a real specialty dish, such as Julia Child’s boeuf bourguignon, most dishes can be made from scratch in short order.

In fact, considering the time it takes to stop on the way home from work, order, pay, wait, and then drive home; or even take out a packaged frozen meal and throw it in the oven for 20-40 minutes, you can have a simple healthy meal in the same amount of time. And when you are work as a team in the kitchen, the prep time is both fun and time-saving.

Cooking schools have caught the wave and offer many courses tailor-made for couples that wish to learn to cook together. Classes range from a one time session to a series of lessons. Beginner cooks can not only learn the basics but also acquire valuable tips on efficient ways to organize the home kitchen.

Others can further explore their passions by turning up the heat in the kitchen together in cuisine-specific classes such as Italian, Tex-Mex, French and even sugar- or gluten-free classes. Learning together makes it more fun to continue practicing at home. And since eating is something we have to do anyway, why not make it fun?

There are even classes dedicated to pairing different wines with different types of food. Taking a class like this together will not only boost your confidence in the kitchen but also when you’re eating out with friends or business associates.

Ideally, at the end of these cooking classes for couples, the students will sit down together and partake of the fruits of their labors. Some schools permit you to bring wine or other beverages or even take leftovers home. (Check with the school first regarding what’s permissible in your area.)

This is not only a terrific time to savor what you’ve spent time making but it’s also a reminder of the joy that sharing a leisurely meal can bring, something which many people have forgotten. The French, with their reputation for enjoying fresh food and wines (without the weight gain), rank number one among countries where families sit down together, quite often for as many as three meals each day. It’s a lost art and one worth of rediscovery.

Taking a cooking class together will enable you to discover the delights of preparing and eating meals together. After all, spending time together doing something you enjoy is a terrific way to strengthen any relationship. Plus, this will be something you’ll look forward to doing together on a regular basis. So put away the electronic devices and turn off the television for a couple of hours and enjoy yourselves! A couples cooking class can be a delicious way to spend quality time together.

To learn more about couples cooking classes and delicious recipes, set up your very own private cooking class today!