Macaron Cooking Class

Do you love macarons? Ever wanted to learn how to make macarons? Now you can by setting up your very own private in-home two-day French Macaron workshop with us! In each workshop, we will make three delicious macarons, such as:

  • Creme Passion – light-as-air passion fruit buttercream and a raspberry gelee center make for a perfect balance between tart & sweet!
  • au Jasmin – white chocolate ganache infused with flowery jasmine tea; ever so delicate in flavor and texture!
  • Huile d’Olive et Vanille – Valrhona white chocolate infused with extra-virgin olive oil and vanilla; a savory sensation with an unexpected twist!

Here is what we will accomplish during this two-day class:

Day 1: We’ll focus on creating the perfect macaron shell from start to finish and prepare a trio of ganache & buttercream fillings, revealing techniques, tips & secret tricks of the trade!

Day 2: Time to assemble & open up shop! We’ll taste our divine trio of French macarons & discuss our favorites from Paris over a lovely cup of Intelligentsia Black Cat espresso!

Don’t Wait! Contact us today if you have any questions or if you’re interested in setting up your very own private cooking class with us. Happy baking!

Macaron Cooking Classes

Rose Coing and matcha macarons from our macaron cooking class in Los Angeles

To learn more about making French macarons or if you have been searching for cooking classes in Los Angeles, please contact us. If you cannot attend a class, you may also order macarons from our online shop.

Pistachio French Macarons

Assembly of the pistachio macarons during our September 2012 macaron cooking class - pistachio & white chocolate ganache infused with cinnamon, topped with macerated cherries in liqueur.

Passion Fruit French Macarons

Close-up of our passion fruit buttercream and a raspberry gelée center macarons.

Passion Fruit Macarons

The finished product - Passion fruit buttercream filled macarons!